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Publishers offer tour of local print rivals, alternatives

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Berlin, 17.07.2019, 08:50 Uhr
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Berlin [ENA] After the Berlin media fair in October world publishers will show industry decision-makers how colleagues in the German capital apply editorial innovations and groundbreaking business models. According to DCX Digital Content Expo organizers, they will take visitors to state-of-the-art newsrooms and industry start-ups demonstrating as yet untried production platforms, and alternative journalism in action.

The World Association of Newspapers and News Media (WAN-IFRA) said in a news release, participants would spend 90 minutes at each stop to meet with expert partners and to network with their international fellow travellers. The editorial tour to media hotspots includes the Tagesspiegel, a liberal Berlin daily newspaper founded in 1945. Its masthead heralds its editorial policy Rerum cognoscere causas (Recognizing the causes of things) a motto adapted from the Roman poet Virgil. According to WAN-IFRA the visit promises insights into how a daily newspaper editorial team can position itself best in today’s print and online media. In the afternoon the tour continues to a head-on competitor for a first-hand local comparison.

The Berliner Morgenpost, a daily for the greater Berlin area, claims: old newspaper – fresh editorial input. The traditional paper, which recently moved ownership from Axel Springer to Funke publishers is a pioneer in Germany’s newspaper landscape. Tour participants will then get a fresh taste of start-up air from Krautreporter, a German online magazine that has been active since October 2014. The platform’s financing has been achieved via crowd funding to safeguard independent journalism without advertising. It was inspired by the Dutch news website De Correspondent and at some stage featured some 18,000 subscribers paying a minimum of five euros per month each to receive news updates, investigative pieces and other quality long-reads.

Guests can study how the knowledge and expertise of the community is turned into alternative reporting and approaches Krautreporter uses in the process. The editorial tour in English can be booked separately or as part of the Berlin Publishing Days (Oct7-9) including the ticket to the DCX Digital Content Expo. Registration at DCX Expo is aimed exclusively at decision-makers and managers at publishing companies, directors and leaders from commercial companies, administrative and non-profit organizations. The tour is planned for Oct10.

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